Europe Teen Travel Program

Europe Summer Travel Program and summer camps

Are you interested in a Europe Summer Travel Program for your child or teen?

The Summer Lady will help you find the best European Summer Teen Tours that are educational, safe and fun throughout Europe. The European Summer Teen Travel programs travel to the Spain, Italy, The United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Austria, Greece, The Czech Republic, The Scandinavian Countries and France. These teen travel tours have a large and varied selection of activities including touring, skiing, sailing and snorkeling, hiking, outdoor adventure, biking, and many more. Many of these European Teen Travel programs have a language component. These tours are well organized and professionally run. The students are grouped by age and grade and have experienced staff that travels and participates with them throughout the entire trip. There is medical care available in all locations. Let The Summer Lady guide you in finding the best trip for your child’s interests and goals.

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