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The Summer Lady Testimonials

These Summer Camp Testimonials for The Summer Lady are from actual clients who have used The Summer Lady's summer camp services

I hope you are having a fabulous, fun summer.
The ladies are loving camp.  I think it was a perfect fit for them. They seem to have made a lot of friends and  playing a lot of sports😊 They have been kicking butt at Tennis doubles; playing with each other which is a first.
I cannot thank you enough for all your support and wisdom.
I am looking forward to hearing all about their summer adventures.
I will keep you posted.
Stay Cool😊
Best Regards,
Hi Ann- I am sitting here looking at the daily photos of all three of my boys at camp and I am thinking how lucky we are to have found such a super camp. And of course then I thought of you and how you just NAILED IT. I am so thankful to you for giving us three excellent camps to look at that really captured what I described were our priorities. For us, this camp was the clear standout but the others seemed not too far off the mark . This is Max’s 7th summer, Sam’s 5th and Jack’s 4th summer- Thank you for being so good at what you do- Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Hi Ann, Thank you so much for your guidance. Charlie had a great time! Every part of his experience was wonderful. It was the perfect fit for him.

Thank you,


Best time ever!!!! They are super happy. I tell everyone that you helped me…
Hope you are enjoying summer!

Cecilia W.

Thanks for reaching out. I was going to reach out to you! You did a great job placing the boys.
Thank you!

Liz M.

They had a wonderful time!
Your recommendations were outstanding but more importantly they were all the right fit for my kids which makes all the difference.
Thank you


I spoke to you over 7 years ago when I was looking for a sleep away camp for my two boys. They are finishing their 7th summer at camp and I can’t tell you enough how much they both love that camp as their second home. I never would have found this camp if it weren’t for you. I had a bunch of other camps on my list, but that one was special. They had relatively new owners and were smaller back then, and it shaped my sons into who they are today in a way that probably no other camp could have done.

Lori W.

Thanks for following up. We are still on our summer vacation so I have not even had time to respond to Camp yet. I will certainly do so when we get back home because we were more than happy with our choice. Our son’s first ever summer camp was a huge success, and it all started with your experience, excellent service and great advice. Thank you!

Samantha L.

He is doing AMAZING! It seems to be a perfect fit. I am so grateful to you, you have no idea! I’ll update you after the summer for sure.

Mike B.

He’s going back and I think is on his way to becoming a counselor in the future. This summer he did 7 weeks! Today Michael starts high school. Camp has been such an important part of his life. It’s his second home and has made an impact beyond anything I could have imagined. We never would have found it without you. I’m sure you’ve touched many lives over your career – I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for touching ours.

Cheryl S.

Yes she’s going back full session! She can’t wait and we thank you over and over for the referral:)

Naomi C.

oh i won’t need to look for anyone but you to help me for sure when ready!! so lucky and thank you

Lisa D.

Thanks ! Hunter is all in for football for the next two summers. We may have grown out of your help but we are forever grateful… Gobs of love,

Kathryn R.

Hi Ann! I’m so glad to hear from you – I had been planning on getting in touch with you this week!
Thank you so much for all of your time and help. I really appreciated your thoughts and feedback and really trusted your input! It was truly invaluable! We are very excited about camp- thank you so much – we never would have found it and feel so much more confident in our choice having gotten there through your guidance. Hope you have been having a wonderful summer!

Jennifer P.

Hi Ann. Thank you for checking in. Shawn had an amazing time at camp. He absolutely loved it. We don’t have any plans yet for next summer, but if I need your help you are definitely on my speeddial now. Thanks again for making the connection for us and for helping us make the RIGHT decision! All the best,

Sue S.

Hi Ann, This past February, I inquired about camps for my daughter Devin and son Ian. With your guidance, my husband and I were able to find programs that they’re both in at the moment, and from all we’re hearing, they’re both having a blast!
Thank you for providing the invaluable service that you do. You’re a genius! Warm regards.

Betsy D.

HI Ann, Sorry for not getting back to you earlier…Thank you so much for helping out. Dick was great in narrowing it down for me and letting me know what was still available so late into the season. You guys are the best!!!!

Alexandra D.

Hi Dick, Thank you so much for your help. We will definitely check into these programs. You are always so quick to respond and always with spot on information. I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate the tremendous help you have been to my family over these many years. Thank you!

Chris A.

Ann Travis, Thank you and Mr. Travis for your quick follow-up and extensive information. You are pros. Stay well.

Clara M.

You are a super ”summerlady”. The camps that you have forwarded earlier, and themost recent ones, are all great. I can now understand that you have a great network and experience to match the right camps to the right families. Thank you again for your understanding with my recent reality and your patience with my questions and uncertainties as mother of a prospective first time camper. I hope to stay in touch. Best regards.

Rialda B.

Hi Ann, I just wanted to drop you a quick note, Oliver is doing fantastic at camp. I don’t know if there possibly could be a better fit. We are so, so happy thanks to you. Thanks again!

Juli C.

Dear Ann, Dorie & her friends had an amazing time on their Teen Tour. They loved all the things they saw & participated in & they said everyone was really nice. Blake is also have a nice summer at camp. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Thank you again for all your help in picking the perfect summer for my daughter and son.

Susan L.

I am forever grateful that you led us to this camp. Jeffrey loves it!
Matthew just finished his 13s year at, so he has 2 years left before they kick him out and I will be back for a teen program! Thanks again,


Hi Ann Yes, Alexa had another amazing year at camp!!! She is a lifer there for sure! Thank you again and always for making this connection for us!!!

Have a good winter, Best


Hello Ann – we’ve enrolled coco at camp and we are all looking forward to her going! . Thanks again for all of your help and patience! You’ve been so fantastic to work with and such a lucky find. Please thank your husband as well!

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