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Summer Sports Camps

Sports Programs and sports summer camps

The Summer Lady will help you find the best sports camps for your child or teen. No matter what sport your child or teen is interested in, we will find the perfect camp for him or her. These camps usually run from one week to full summer. These single sex sports camps offer intensive instruction in many different sports including: baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, lacrosse, ice hockey and many more.

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Sports Programs & Sports Summer Camps

Traditional summer camps teach children and teens to do things on their own and gain self-confidence and a sense of autonomy. Sports summer camps do this and more they also help children develop socially, intellectually, and the big one athletically in a chosen sport.
  1.  Sports summer camps teach children and teens how to exercise and the best methods for their chosen sport and how to stay active and in-shape in the off-season. Fostering an interest in a specific sport is important to their overall development, growth and physical health.
  2.  Summer sports camps teach self-discipline so going forward this will help enable whatever challenges that may arise in the future be less stressful and resolved sooner . Through discipline that comes with sports training and playing your child or teen will learn perseverance and necessary problem solving skills that will provide confidence to help them deal with other challenges.
  3.  Sports summer camps can help your child or teen become more organized and set goals. Many summer sports summer camps have superior programs and state of the art facilities with exceptional coaching staff.
  4.  Sports summer camps offers a solid and valuable mentorship. The coaching staff is often the most experienced and informed about the latest techniques and training methods. Exposing young athletes to this caliber of coaching will help your child or teen develop trust, self-esteem and a possible fast track into a college sports program.
  5.  Summer Sports camps are also fun. The learning experiences at sports camps are positive and memorable, with opportunities for acquiring and retaining knowledge while developing teamwork and understanding the value of hard work and its eventual rewards.

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Sports Summer Camps

Tennis Camp

If your child loves tennis, then let The Summer Lady find the perfect tennis camp that will improve every part of your child’s game.

Golf Camp

If your child wants to learn how to play or greatly improve his game golf game, then let The Summer Lady find the best summer golf camp for your child.

Basketball Camp

Basketball summer camps will help your child improve all the aspects of his game. A summer basketball camp will help your child reach their potential.

Baseball Camp

If your child wants to improve his baseball or softball skills, The Summer Lady will help you find the perfect baseball and softball camp for your child.

Soccer Camp

Kids’ summer sports camps with a focus on soccer will not only help your child hone their soccer skills but will reinforce teamwork while building a great deal of self confidence. Soccer camps are designed to help your child build goal keeping…

Football Camp

Football Summer Camp Programs offer campers instruction from a carefully selected group of professional players and coaches. Campers will learn to develop the skills necessary to achieve individual goals and to maintain a positive attitude…

Lacrosse Camp

Lacrosse has become one of the most popular sports in the country. Let The Summer Lady find your child the perfect lacrosse camp that will help your child improve every part of their game.

Ice Hockey Camp

Ice Hockey has become a very popular sport that depends not just on skill , but teamwork. Ice Hockey camps will greatly improve your child’s overall knowledge of the game.
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