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Summer Specialty Programs

specialty summer camp programs like horse back riding

There are many specialty summer programs and camps: Cooking, Film / Photography, Marine Biology , Computer/IT, Horseback Riding, Science, Fishing /Hunting and many more. There are specialty camps for every interest. Let the Summer Lady help you find the Specialty Summer Program that best fits your child’s needs.

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Specialty Summer Programs

Computer/I.T. Camps

If you are looking for a summer camp for a tech-savvy camper, you might consider looking into the different Computer and I.T. camps that are available. These camps are great sleepaway camps for a children who are interested in learning more about technology…

Horseback Riding Camps

Experienced equestrian riders and trainers lead and supervise these horseback riding summer camps. They guide the children through every step of the way: from caring for the horses, to saddling up and feeling comfortable just sitting on the horse at first…

Cooking Camps

Whether your child is an experienced cook or just learning, The Summer Lady will find the best summer cooking camp and program for your child. The students and campers will learn about the basics of cooking as well as more advanced techniques for preparing food.

Marine Biology Programs

Marine biology program summer camps are more than just another summer sleepaway camp. Campers participating in one of these exciting programs will have the unsurpassed opportunity to explore first handed the marine habitat…

Science Camp Programs

The Summer Lady will find the best science camp or science program for your child. Children interested in science will have the opportunity to learn about many different disciplines.

GAP Year Programs

A gap year summer program gives your teenager the opportunity to make an impact on other people’s lives, while also teaching them about the different cultures. Unlike other summer camps, Gap year Programs are designed specifically for your older children…

Hunting/Fishing Camps

If your child is interested in learning about hunting and fishing, the advisors at the Summer Lady can help you chose the best summer camp that best fits his or her interest and skill level….

Kosher Jewish Summer Camps

Kosher Jewish Summer Camps combine all the wonderful activities of a summer sleepaway camp with traditional Jewish values and practices.

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