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Overnight Summer Sleepaway Camps

Traditional Summer camp scene

Finding the right overnight summer sleep away camp is one of most important things you can do for your child. Overnight summer sleepaway camps combine a caring safe environment and healthy competition with adventure and athletics. The main goal of overnight sleepaway camps is to provide campers with the tools they need to become self-confident and independent while making lifelong friends. Overnight camps truly provide an enriching experience that is incomparable to any other.

Boys’ and Girls’ Overnight Summer Camps & Programs Include a Wide Variety of Activities

A summer overnight camp offers a broad range of programs that allows campers to participate in their favorite activities under the guidance of a mature and caring staff. The staff helps campers learn teamwork, build friendships and learn new skills while having fun.

Overnight Summer Sleepaway Camp Programs

Traditional Summer camp scene

Overnight summer camp helps children develop a sense of independence and self-worth. Parents may enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their child’s needs are being met in an caring and supportive environment. Kids’ overnight summer camps fosters a close knit community feel. The staff provides wonderful role models for the campers that helps them build character and a new found awareness of what they can accomplish. Camp also provides the relief kids need from the pressures they encounter in their daily lives.

The Summer Lady can match your child with the perfect overnight summer sleepaway camp that best suits their needs and interests.

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Summer Sleepaway Camps

Boys & Girls Coed Sleepaway Camps

Coed camps offer children the chance to further develop their social interaction skills and spark lifelong friendships. Their summers will be filled with water sports, traditional field sports, arts & crafts and other enriching, enjoyable and educational…

Brother/Sister Sleepaway Camps

Brother/Sister camps create the ideal summer environment for siblings, because they allow for personal exploration and growth yet provide the additional emotional security of having family members nearby…

Boys Sleepaway Camps

There are many benefits from attending a Boys-only summer camp. Your son will learn the benefits of team play along with new athletic skills. He will also enjoy all the classic camping activities as well while having a memorable summer experience…

Girls Sleepaway Camps

Girls camps can provide some of the most influential, beneficial and enjoyable experiences your child or teen will ever have. Creating memories that will last a lifetime and building reawrding character traits is just part of the experience of…

Two Week Sleepaway Camps

Two week sleepaway camps can be coed or single sex and offer the same land and water sports that a longer session camp will provide. These camps are located throughout the United States. These camps are perfect for families who schedules only permit a short stay at a sleepaway camp.

Short Session Sleepaway Camps

Short session sleepaway programs are located throughout the United States. Short session camps provide campers with a shorter experience in a sleepaway camp setting with all of the same land and water sports that are offered in a full summer camp.