Summer Fashion Programs

Fashion Camp summer sessions

A Fashion camp can provide students with an intensive fashion experience. They are able to learn how to create a garment from the initial drawing, how to make a template and how to sew and fit the garment. Students will also be able to meet with designers in fashion houses to observe how they produce their designs and create the final garments. They will also be able to learn about the business of fashion , about merchandising the garments to stores and financing the operation.

While at fashion camp students will also have field trips to museums and exhibits on fashion and will have seminars by professional speakers from leading manufacturers who will present the whole story of the retail industry and even talk about fashion journalism. The speakers will also be able to give the students a feel for the future of the industry.

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Children learning to use sewing machines at summer camp
Children learning about cloth and fashion at summer camp
freshly designed and washed designs
Fashion show at summer fashion camp for kids & teens