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Teen Summer Programs & Summer Sleepaway Camp Advice


Welcome to The Summer Lady. We have over 25 years experience placing kids and teens of all ages in the best summer camps, teen travel programs, Sports Camps, Outdoor Adventure Camps and more! With thousands of satisfied families, we find the perfect summer camp experience for your child or teen.


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Summer Camp Programs

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We can help your teen with our Language Immersion Programs, Teen Travel Programs and our Community Service Programs, let us help make a difference in your child's life.

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Summer Sleepaway Camps and Summer Programs for Kids & Teens

The Summer Lady has summer sleepaway camps and programs that are designed for children of all ages, with a wide range of interests and needs.

Your child is a special individual who deserves to have the very best of experiences by attending a summer camp or program. Summer camps for kids not only teach children to become confident and capable individuals but they also provide many wonderful unforgettable memories! The Summer Lady is here to help you find the perfect program that best suits your child’s interests.

Summer Sleepaway camps for kids and teens truly provide an enriching experience, unmatched in any other environment.

Overnight summer camps programs blend a safe caring environment, with fun and adventure, all while teaching independence, social skills, healthy competition and creativity. The unique subculture of summer camps for kids provides campers with the necessary tools that will lead them to the path of self-confidence, independence and success. These programs are designed to be exciting and educational, allowing your child to learn strong values while having fun at the same time. Your child will participate in activities such as land sports, theater, arts & crafts, outdoor adventure and water sports, while engaging in a wholly unique experience that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

Staff members are carefully selected by their skills, knowledge and experience as caretakers and motivators. Staff leaders convey the importance of team building and cooperation by teaching children and teenagers about both individual and community values.

Boys’ and girls’ summer camps and programs are available throughout the United States and also worldwide. The Summer Lady is your best resource for matching the program that best fits your child’s needs and interests. By working with one of our knowledgeable specialists, we can match your child’s strengths, interests, ideals and needs, with the right program. Contact The Summer Lady about day and sleepaway camp programs for children of all ages today!

Our summer camps for kids include sports camps, girl's overnight camps, boy's sleepaway camps, weight loss camps, teen travel programs, and more!


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