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Virtual Programs for Spring 2025

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Language Programs

A new online language learning program by a world famous language institution is offered this year in French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Norwegian, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic and. Students will be learning in small virtual groups with their peers and an native speaking instructor. There will be fun activities to facilitate the learning experience.

Politics & History

There are many numerous courses available in history and politics, but spacing is limited. Courses are on global leadership, law and society, with virtual interactive visits to three major historic sites to study major themes of American history and tie them directly to issues we are facing as a country today.

Writers Workshops, Art & Debate

There is a broad selection of virtual courses in writing, art, debate, public speaking , theatre & music available this summer. The Summer Lady has the full selection of exciting and enriching options. Call now, classes are filling quickly.

Film/Photography/Performing Arts

The Summer Lady has a great selection of courses in filmmaking and photography. There are also classes in acting for film and theatre taught by professional actors and filmmakers. These courses will cover all the facets of the industry that you need to know.

Academic Enrichment Programs

There are virtual and live courses in math, reading, economics , biotech, medical research, video game design, law, engineering, sports medicine, fashion technology, aerospace, digital media ,marketing, and more.The Summer Lady has all the great options, call now, classes are filling.


Improve your leadership skill with virtual hands-on experiences and virtual internships. Call the Summer Lady to find out how you can benefit from these opportunities and help build your college resume.

Fashion Programs

Does your child love fashion? This year there are virtual programs which will teach students the fundamental of the fashion industry with virtual visits to fashion houses with the same quality and content as the in-person visits. The courses will cover all the facets of the industry from styling, to buying to merchandising, buying, blogging, designing and public relations. Students will also have the opportunity to uncover their personal style through their own closet and learn about styling. There are also courses in fashion designing and finding inspiration for creating new styles.

Cooking Programs

Satisfy your child’s culinary aspirations with a virtual cooking program where your child or teen will learn the basic concepts of ingredients, healthy cooking, farm to table, and sourcing local foods. Virtual culinary programs will teach students to sauté, simmer, slice, bake and blend. They will learn to cultivate their senses, develop kitchen intuition, and learn culinary tricks for determining internal temperature by touch and telling the difference between fresh and old by smell. They will also learn the skills of seasoning using fresh herbs, spices and flowers all online.