Arts & Crafts Summer Camp

Arts & Crafts summer Camp

Children & Teens Arts & Crafts Camp

Arts & Crafts summer camp offers creative students the opportunity to study and work with professional artists. The students are taught in small class sizes and are able to concentrate on improving their skills with highly skilled professional teachers. The teachers encourage the students to express their creativity and feel confident that they are being guided by knowledgeable staff. Students are also able to take their work and build or expand on their portfolio which can be used to help them apply to colleges or for future careers.

Arts and Crafts Summer Programs offer many different opportunities for students to express their talents. Some of the classes include ceramics, metalsmithing and metal jewelry using copper, silver and precious and semi-precious stones, enameling, copper enameling, raku, milleflori, sgraffito, crack enamel and champlevé. There are also classes in beading techniques, candle arts, soap making, flame working and hot glass and basketry.

Summer camps and sleepaway summer programs for the arts allow creative activities centered around art and its overall benefits to your child or teen.  

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Children & Teens Arts & Crafts Camp
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